3 Tips For Designing An Embroidery Logo

Getting an embroidery logo is exciting because it often feels more permanent and official than just having a screen printed t-shirt with your logo. However, while many people are good at using online software to create a logo for a t-shirt, they might feel out of their element when trying to complete the logo design for embroidery. Here are some tips for designing your embroidery logo and making the process go as smoothly as possible.

1. Know the Pricing

The first thing that you need to understand is the pricing. Most companies will charge based on the number of stitches that your logo will need to use. Colorful, complicated logos will need a lot of stitches while simple, black or other solid color logos will not need as many. Talk to the embroidery company that you are considering and ask if they charge by the stitch or by the batch of stitches. For example, if a company charges by a batch of stitches, they might charge you for 3,000 stitches if you only need 2,800, meaning that you can make your logo more complicated by 200 stitches without having to pay more money. If your design is going to be very small, many companies will require that you pay a minimum amount of money per design. Knowing the pricing before you design your logo will help you save money.

2. Get the Image Right

Choose simple image editing software to make your logo, but make sure that it is able to convert any image that you create into a vector file. This is critical because it will eliminate any shading that your original image might have, as well as any blurred edges that result from the image being reduced in size. If you cannot save your image as a vector file, talk to the embroidery company to ask them what other files they can work with. When you send them your digitized image, also send them the original in approximately the same size as you would like on the shirt in order to avoid any mistakes.

3. Know Your Sizing

Before you get your heart set on a size, know that the size of your image is going to be determined by the largest size of embroidery loom your company has. The size of your image will need to fit into the loom without hanging out. Talk to your embroidery company about whether or not the size you want will work with their looms, or if they can borrow a larger loom from another company for slightly more money.

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